Anglophones Civil Society Resistance
For over 55 years, West Cameroonians have been subjected to all forms of oppression and marginalization under the highly centralised government of La Republique.

In October 2016, lawyers and teachers from this natural resources reach part of the country said enough is enough, waking up as one man, as their notices to the government were taken for granted.

Due to torture and government perpetrated violence during their peaceful protest, the civil society joined them through the Cameroon Anglophones Civil Society Consortium to say our rights will not be abused any further.

Today, we are fighting back against the wicked regime as one man to get total control over our land, resources, education, the judiciary, just to name a few. As the oppression and marginalization persist, our resistance increases even more and more. After Whatsapp and facebook page created under the name, The Resistance, which have been very instrumental, we have turn another page to an online forum for this stuggle.

The Anglophone Civil Society Resistance is an online platform for the sharing of information related to the Anglophone struggle against the french oppression and marginalization. Like our Whatsapp group and facebook page which host over thousands of users, we hope that as you join and invite others to join this forum, it will remain indifferent.

Bassona De Great,
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Post by Admin on Thu Mar 09, 2017 6:56 pm

First Slave PM Yang Keeps Failing.

PM Yang, first privileged slave who is now the mockery of French Papers in Cameroon keeps failing. He was rejected in Bamenda, rejected in Fundong, rejected in Wum and we hear he is heading to the great land of Nso. Need not say what the Nso people will do.

In Wum, the people asked him to provide their sons abducted last year when the military raided Wum. They asked him for answers of Lake Nyos disaster and they said no one will get them to school until the right things are done.

Can this PM just resign and safe his breath? The people are in charge. Southern Cameroonians have taken control of their destiny.

This struggle is taking another phase. Oh yes everyone should take Unilateral actions to promote the struggle. Keep calling and texting home.

Ghost towns next week Monday should be total and I Mark Bareta, son of the soil from Bui County for the first time openly I endorse the Batibo Faeces Resistance Strategy. It is non violent and most effective. Use it on any individuals, institutions, taxis, shops etc going against the struggle. If you read me, please pass this information home. Yes, I unapologetically approve this strategy. Use the strategy forcefully and with all energy in you.

Mark Bareta and I endorse this message.

My Take:
The PM's visit is the last joker of the government's game. The visit, which is giving the PM successive blows, marks the third since this strike began. He went to the NW this time in a different coat other than a political party hoping that the people of west Cameroon will yield to his begs. Mr. Yang, you cannot go begging and expecting to receive when you refuse the people give the people what they want.

The people of NW West have placed some demands and asked the PM questions that have caused him to show the true colour of LR in him by telling the people in an unusual tone that their demands will not be met and that the law will take its cause. I wonder whether pa Yang went to NW to dictate to the people or to plead. I wonder why pa Yang thinks the law can only be applicable to the innocent while the criminal military who rape, kill and torture our people go free.

I must say here that our people are now very resolute and feel for the atrocities committed by the government. I want to personally congratulate us for standing together, feeling for one another, in total respect of our proud culture.

Bassona De Great
"When injustice become law, resistance becomes a duty"
Our Resistance Is Increasing With The Injustice, Oppression and Marginalization.


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