Anglophones Civil Society Resistance
For over 55 years, West Cameroonians have been subjected to all forms of oppression and marginalization under the highly centralised government of La Republique.

In October 2016, lawyers and teachers from this natural resources reach part of the country said enough is enough, waking up as one man, as their notices to the government were taken for granted.

Due to torture and government perpetrated violence during their peaceful protest, the civil society joined them through the Cameroon Anglophones Civil Society Consortium to say our rights will not be abused any further.

Today, we are fighting back against the wicked regime as one man to get total control over our land, resources, education, the judiciary, just to name a few. As the oppression and marginalization persist, our resistance increases even more and more. After Whatsapp and facebook page created under the name, The Resistance, which have been very instrumental, we have turn another page to an online forum for this stuggle.

The Anglophone Civil Society Resistance is an online platform for the sharing of information related to the Anglophone struggle against the french oppression and marginalization. Like our Whatsapp group and facebook page which host over thousands of users, we hope that as you join and invite others to join this forum, it will remain indifferent.

Bassona De Great,
Member, Twitter Warriors


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Post by Admin on Tue Mar 07, 2017 4:10 pm

Colonial PM Yang says "no school in West Cameroons" is an "embarrassment" to the international scene. Now, we know where their shoe pinches. Killings, rapings, militarizing, abductions, etc., are not considered an embarrassment to them.

So, here will be our next plan after we drain the swamp in our winning system:

1. For every English-speaking Cameroonian admitted into their Cameroun schools like ENAM, IRIC, EMIA, etc., the same number of places will be granted to their own citizens applying to study in our schools from nursery 1 to University level. And that means if ENAM admits only two English-speaking citizens, UB or SAHECO must admit only two of their citizens too.

2. They have infested our education system and even speak French openly in dormitories, classrooms, streets, etc. That should stop. Speak the generally accepted language of our land. In fact, after this struggle, we will then move into those schools and give strict instructions to principals on the number of French-speaking students to be admitted per year.

3. The priority of place must be granted to our citizens whether they validated English at GCE O' Level exam or not. We cannot accept that our children are purged out from our education system to suffer in Soa, Cameroun, simply because they failed ordinary level English. At the same time, French-speaking children simply take a three-month English training in UB and are granted immediate admission. That must STOP.

4. Common law must be implemented in the new school curriculum in all West Cameroon or Southern Cameroons universities. Our judiciary system is not friendly with their own system. Our children deserve just laws and order and not depressions and repressions in their kangaroo courts.

5. The salaries of our teachers must be increased and their standards must be raised above "teachers' round." Their salaries will double and medical doctors will be well paid under our new system. These two sectors - - teaching and medicine - - must not be tampered with. We shall lower our federal taxes to attract competitive businesses and inflate social welfare.

Tapang Ivo TANKU,

*** The Consortium leads and rules former British Southern Cameroons.


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