Anglophones Civil Society Resistance
For over 55 years, West Cameroonians have been subjected to all forms of oppression and marginalization under the highly centralised government of La Republique.

In October 2016, lawyers and teachers from this natural resources reach part of the country said enough is enough, waking up as one man, as their notices to the government were taken for granted.

Due to torture and government perpetrated violence during their peaceful protest, the civil society joined them through the Cameroon Anglophones Civil Society Consortium to say our rights will not be abused any further.

Today, we are fighting back against the wicked regime as one man to get total control over our land, resources, education, the judiciary, just to name a few. As the oppression and marginalization persist, our resistance increases even more and more. After Whatsapp and facebook page created under the name, The Resistance, which have been very instrumental, we have turn another page to an online forum for this stuggle.

The Anglophone Civil Society Resistance is an online platform for the sharing of information related to the Anglophone struggle against the french oppression and marginalization. Like our Whatsapp group and facebook page which host over thousands of users, we hope that as you join and invite others to join this forum, it will remain indifferent.

Bassona De Great,
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Post by Admin on Sun Mar 12, 2017 12:48 pm

According to Wikipedia, education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits.

Such a definition, which is very simple to the lay man's understanding only gives Southern Cameroonians the impetus to hold their children back from schools at the time when they know assimilation is practically impossible, despite any attempt to modify the time table.

Each government, through her educational board/system has a pre established time schedule for the education of her citizens. Such scheduled period has just enough time for the learners to be able to receive and assimilate a given bulk of knowledge given by teachers. In fact, the ultimate goal of every student is to adequately (1) receive the (2) knowledge and in turn properly (3) assimilate what has been taught. Once these three are achieved (checked through examinations) students are then awarded certificates. On the other hand, once the study time is highly interrupted to prevent students from loosing one of the three, mentioned above (a given bulk of knowledge, reception and assimilation). This is to say that if any of the three applies, certificates are not supposed to be issued, and if issued, are void of content;
(1) If the given bulk of knowledge (syllabus) is not covered
(2) If the students fail to receive the knowledge
(3) If the students fail to assimilate the knowledge

It is obvious that they could be moments when one of the three above is interrupted temporally. In such a case, catch up periods can be put in place to ensure that students do not miss anything. But the BIG question is, "What if the catch up period does not give students the appropriate time to assimilate the knowledge?" This is the context where Southern Cameroonians fall. Southern Cameroonian parents are so intelligent to just go get certificates. It is one of the main reasons we went on strike.

Therefore, a certificate is an official document, which clearly and undoubtedly attests that someone has adequately received and assimilated knowledge, and therefore have the necessary skills in a particular field. SC parents need quality certificates for their children. Certificates which represent adequate and proper knowledge reception and assimilation in a particular field. Quality certificates. Hence SC parents (we) will not send children back to school now;
(1) There is no more sufficient time for them to assimilate the knowledge that will be given them through the modified* time table of the minister.
(2) No guarantee has been given by the government to ensure that francophones with no basic english language skills stop teaching our children.

*The minister's new time table, at the time of issue, could doubtfully cover the syllabus, but could not ensure that students assimilate the bulk of work.

Through this post, I call on all SC parents to get their children involved with other lucrative activities like farming, businesses, vocational training and above all, SC statehood restoration.

We all should be actively involved in removing the bad oil from our engine. When the new and quality oil will be put in the engine, the system will have a different way of functioning and the car will move steadily and surely.

Bassona De Great
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