Anglophones Civil Society Resistance
For over 55 years, West Cameroonians have been subjected to all forms of oppression and marginalization under the highly centralised government of La Republique.

In October 2016, lawyers and teachers from this natural resources reach part of the country said enough is enough, waking up as one man, as their notices to the government were taken for granted.

Due to torture and government perpetrated violence during their peaceful protest, the civil society joined them through the Cameroon Anglophones Civil Society Consortium to say our rights will not be abused any further.

Today, we are fighting back against the wicked regime as one man to get total control over our land, resources, education, the judiciary, just to name a few. As the oppression and marginalization persist, our resistance increases even more and more. After Whatsapp and facebook page created under the name, The Resistance, which have been very instrumental, we have turn another page to an online forum for this stuggle.

The Anglophone Civil Society Resistance is an online platform for the sharing of information related to the Anglophone struggle against the french oppression and marginalization. Like our Whatsapp group and facebook page which host over thousands of users, we hope that as you join and invite others to join this forum, it will remain indifferent.

Bassona De Great,
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Post by Admin on Fri Mar 10, 2017 11:57 am

Akoson Pauline Diale is one of West Cameroon's great fighters on social media. Her posts and writeups, which usually come up after proper investigations with her grounded local networks from various towns and villages have been very instrumental to the success of this struggle. Her ideas have been like engine oil to the engine of a vehicle. Such oil is often seen by the regime as a weapon against them.

Akoson's posts and ideas are not good food for the government at all. I remember reading one of her last posts requesting the people of Southern Cameroons to set up a government. She went ahead to present a proposed list of the officials for review.

This probably got the regime so annoyed that the management of facebook had to suspend her account, following instructions from the government. Ohhh...Yes! her account was suspended.

Unfortunately for Issa Chiroma and his government, the whites are not, at least, as corrupt as us. When you give them reasons, they react promptly. Akoson's account has been reactivated and she is back fully. Read her first post....
I'm back - We won Issa Tchiroma again!

Biya's rabble rouser, Issa Tchiroma has set up a team at the Ministry of Communication and has put them on fat take-home packages...these guys have barren lands with no natural resources. They use our riches to fight us. We have to start PROTECTING our minerak resources from being stolen and taken to La Repubkique. That is by the way! These really bad La Republique guys have created several fake accounts to fight us on social media. They got me exchange with facebook management back and forth...and finally, we won!

I thank all those who tried to reach me and were concerned about my welbeing. Thanks for being your sister's keeper. The struggle continues.

Share so that all knows am back. Thanx again.


From a federalist to an 'independentist'. The Soithern Cameroons MUST be free!


My Take:
We must understand that as we keep fighting, the government keeps reacting negatively. Such negativity is a sign of weakness for the government and a big booster to our struggle.

The government knows that facebook and other social media tools are our main weapons and that we are putting them down with that. By now, the President should be regretting a statement calling on the youths to be an android generation.

Please, all get on board, facebook, twitter, whatsapp, etc.. because they are our swords.

Bassona De Great

"...When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty."
As the negativity of government actions increase, our resistance increases even the more.


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